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Scholar's Hub Program Overview

Scholar’s Hub is a collegiate set-up for our high school students enrolled in dual enrollment or Early College courses. This program is designed for students in grades 7-12 and runs for 30 weeks in the school year. Students may participate face-to-face or virtually. Scholar’s Hub is open from 9:15 am to 12:15 pm on Tuesdays and Thursdays. If students are also taking Academy program courses, they may come and go from Scholar’s Hub as their schedule requires.

During Scholar’s Hub, students will complete coursework in their dual enrollment courses. Participation in the program gives students access to a course facilitator who is readily available to the student for guidance and support in their courses. Likewise, the course facilitator will also filter questions to their course instructor along with supporting the student in time management. For students attending face-to-face, they are required to attend on Tuesdays. Thursdays are an optional day for student attendance in-person. For students attending virtually, they will have a check-in email or video conference at a mutually agreed upon time during Scholar’s Hub hours.

Students may bring coursework from non-partners with the understanding that the course facilitator only has access to what the students allow him or her to see. For courses taken through our partners, the course facilitator has greater access to student content, including syllabi and grades.

Love First Homeschool Inc. has two university partners!

Arizona State University offers a variety of courses along with various options including 8 week courses, 16 week courses, and self-paced courses that allow one year to complete.  An added benefit to courses taken through Love First with ASU is credit protection.  For high schoolers who take a course and earn a grade C or better, students get to choose whether or not to add the course to the ASU transcript.  To view ASU courses, descriptions, and how to sign-up through Love First, click HERE.

LeTourneau University has multiple dual credit class offerings and a generous scholarship for those who enroll full-time after high school.  The partnership with Love First is in process and details will be released soon!

As a Scholar’s Hub member, your registration also covers the registration for all other membership tiers/programs. Be sure to read the handbooks of any other programs of interest to you!

For complete details, including costs and courses, be sure to read the Scholar’s Hub Handbook. Also, be sure to check out Membership Tiers for brief highlights.